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London is truly one of the world's greatest cities and in 2016 this fact was again confirmed when winning the vote for the greatest city in the world for culture, entertainment, infrastructure, healthcare and even HAPPINESS. London City now officially holds first place as the greatest city in the world, beating strong rival cities, such as New York, Milan and Paris. The British Empire is alive and well from within its cosmopolitan capital city London and many claim it to not only be the most exciting and vibrant city in the world today, but also that London has never been more exciting and interesting then it is today. Even the famous swinging 60's can't come close to this modern-day, dynamic city that offers something for everyone and never has there been a better time to visit.

It is beyond the purpose of this article to examine why London is only second to China for the amount of building works and new development investment, or why London is now the cuisine capital and boasts the largest number of world famous restaurants in the world. Not to mention London now hosts the most famous art gallery collections anywhere on earth. Nor that no longer is Paris or Milan considered the fashion industry center of the world, today London has also claimed the title of the world's most fashionable and creative city.

The purpose of this article is to celebrate the fact that due to the seductive London Massage Parlour industry, London can also lay claims to be one of the world's most exciting full body and sensual massage service destinations. Whether you are coming to London for business, pleasure or Lucky enough to live in this great city, London has a staggering array of exciting massage options to cater for every need and desire you might have. Your London Massage Parlour, full body and sensual massage experience might well prove to be the highlight of your London visit.

Our London Massage Parlour Directory is your best online resource for London Massage Parlour listings offering a vast selection of full body and sensual massage service options. Most London Massage Parlour businesses offer both in-house services and out-call services to London hotels and homes. Simply browse by location and link directly to our listed London Massage Parlour websites for full details regarding service options, terms and contact directly for availability and booking confirmations.

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